Wednesday, October 20, 2004

in loo of...

all monday long, sj and i discussed our evening plan: to attend one of deep ellum film festival parties with robert duval to be in attendance. i even used it as an excuse to call an old friend just so i could have a reason to talk to him about something, his all time favorite actor...or so i pretended. but come that evening, as we sat on the patio of starbucks enjoying fall's greatest attribute: the spice pumpkin latte, we realized we didn't know the exact time the event started, that i, at bare minimum, needed to run a comb through my hair and dazzle my lashes with a coat of mascara, and after a full throttle mexican lunch, if the funds permitted it anymore-whatever the cost of admittance was.

as the reality of us having dropped the ball creeped slower into realization, we shifted direction to preventing of the dissolution of future plans/empty evenings. as of course, a plan should have a plan reaching further than a notion. and that lead to this list:

1.KnitWits: Lakewood Library
(214)670-1376 call about if we need to bring our own yarn and needle.

2.Meadows Jazz Orchestra in the Caruth Auditorium
*ended up seeing the Pixies at the last minute instead*

3.Art Stop: Dallas Museum of Art
sign in at information desk. bring your own sketch book and pencil.
*next week, next week. this week plans have been already made for SITC au jus cosmopolitans; then off to see the Strange Boys at Double Wide later later in the evening*

4.The Art of Mendhi: the Crow Collection of Art
10-11am call to reserve seat in class.

Oct 23
All About Bats: Green Living in Lakewood

Oct 25
Family Outreach Volunteer Information Session



Michelle said...

thats alot of plans

Missie Rose said...

better put your dancing shoes on!!!