Wednesday, October 13, 2004

dos equis or milk?!?

to the abstract thinker: abstract is factual if abstract is factual to you. and to the factual thinker: factual is factual and abstract is abstract, point effin blank.

somehow conversations between mark and i have an incessant tendency to drift to such debates; and tonight at the meridian room was no different. i understand logic wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the existence of illogical, and rational to irrational. positives, to be a positive, must have a negative. but to associate the meaning of a positive as a negative is absurd; to speculate that my beer is beer only because of collective conscious and my perception of it, is pretty much insanity to me. i once wondered how such a great percentage of the american populace could even entertain the notion of voting for a candidate such as john kerry; or, how one could deem abortion murder than justify it under a grave circumstance. what, did the act of abortion become something other than murder because the girl was rapped or is it still murder? then, if so, is murder now OK because she was rapped?!? that may seem heartless and narrow minded to some but to others it's calling the facts facts and reality reality no matter how unfair it might seem or how difficult it truly is. unfortunately for many today, truth is no longer an absolute, factual is in the eye of the beholder, and reality is conceptual.

i've grown to hate philosophy but after tonight, i think we could all benefit from a little more Kant in our lives.

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SJ said...

Your smart lady, and the boy I like is crazy...
mmm...pumkin lattes sound devine!!