Thursday, October 28, 2004

just moments ago, i gave up trying to find my glasses, determining they must have fallen out of my purse last night at work; and so, i went through the ordeal of putting in my contacts and preparing my responses for the "oh, my god, these are yours?!? you must be legally blind or something" comments i typically recieve when someone tries them on, which is what everyone does when cute eye glasses are found. but then, as i was pulling my chair out to slid into my desk, sight recieved, there lied the black case with cut out white flowers pinned on it within my glasses are kept, right under my freckly italian nose.

after i left the allgood, years ago,
sj tolled me customers would ask her, "where's that cute little earthy looking girl?". everyone has their own signature style-and i guess to some mine is the earth babe. i am addicted to nice fitting white t'shirts, black tank-tops, cords, flowy skirts, blue jean jackets, mary-janes, a splash of burberry brit, shimmery brown eye shadow, and mocha colored lipstick. though today, i bring my natural look to a whole new level-i'm wearing merrills, a hiking tennie shoe.

and listening to the thrills and magnetic fields. two bands, that took my interest by complete suprise. music is constantly doing that to me: making me believe i like one thing then bewildering me delightfully with something totally off the charts. it's part of the reason why i love it. in a way, i feel it knows me better than i know myself. but not near enough time is spent anymore enjoying it-turning off the lights, lighting all my candles, with the headphones on, allowing it's complexity and beauty to mesmerize me. mmmm. i highly suggest doing it with el gato and the verve.

then this morning i did something i hadn't done in years: i woke up early and went to the gym to work out. now, i would assume my idea of working out is slightly different than most peoples; still, i walked with incline for two miles. baby steps to the free weights and precor please.


SJ said...

Such a short visit last night, and todays breakfast was sadly lacking your familiar face. Lets do brunch soon

the fbg said...

come back missie we miss you!

Missie Rose said...

ahhh shucks, you sure know how to make a girl, not only blush, but post too. ;)