Wednesday, October 13, 2004

sweeter, nicer, more enjoyable.

huh, i noticed i'm constantly wanting to rip off song titles or lyrics for my titles. it's like a bad case of local news transistional piece retardness. that's a mouthful alright. well, i didn't want to leave my blog on a venting note. i've been doing alot of that lately as is, and i suppose, it's to compensate for the diminutive desire i have to write, as so, my vents are the only thing that survives the lack luster of blogging these days. i need to do more reading. that always seems to motivate me. and speaking of reading( like that?!?), i think i'm going to call quits on "the rise of theodore roosevelt". which is unfortunate because, apart from spending money on it, i was really looking forward to letting m.turner borrow it after i finish it so we can discuss the life and times of such a fascinating president. god, i wish you could inject audible sarcasism into sentences of which it is the intent. but seriously, the last book i can remember socially reading was the "count of monte cristo", which is a frekkin awesome book and one of my top favorites to date, but gee that was ages and ages ago. a correlating memory just caught up with me concerning that book. funny how a subject of focus and interest can swiftly, and without notice, lead straight into a well forgotten and cherished one.

i'm listening to neil halstead. memories are everywhere tonight; lingering heavy in the songs as well. it was after a neil halstead show in dallas that i met heather for the first time. her, some girl who wanted to be a groupie, erik, the band, and i ended up happily situated in a booth at the metro( a greasy spoon that tastes so good when you've had too much to drink). i don't remember why but he paid for my meal, a delicious grilled cheese sandwhich and a bowl of tomatoe soup, but he did. he also suggested we all come to the austin show, so the next day erik and i hopped in the infamous audi, turned up the tunes, and burned rubber as we went.

good times.

this evening i went to the state fair. it too was good times. though, steph and mark did most of the quote un quote fun (meaning riding rides. i'm way too virgo to trust a carnie with my life). instead i found immense delight and content with consuming corn dogs and funnel cakes and beer.

which made me think of the year jon and i went and did nothing, and i mean did nothing, but eat.

on such a thought, i'll retire to lulaby land.


the fbg said...

i think we have something coming for you soon, missie...

Missie Rose said...

hot damn, it's a book club!!! i know it-i just know it. :)