Saturday, February 28, 2004


i'm everywhere in books. from one to another, like a dirty whore in a motel 6, i skip from book to book never developing substance just indulging myself in instant gratification my carnal intellect is subjected to feed. today it's the partly cloudy patriot by sarah vowell, a writer and storyteller for npr's "this american life". it's humorous and light and educational if you can get past the plithre of liberal propaganda.
goes well with: a double tall mocha.

last night rach and i watched "thirteen conversations about one thing". i had seen the movie back when it came out but it wasn't till last night i grasped the full extant of how great this movie is. seriously, s-t-e-l-l-a-r.
goes well with: beer and dark chocolate hershey kisses.

and the new snow patrol album hasn't seen the sun in days. i can't get enough of it so in my cd player it stays. song #7-LIGHT UP is friggin damn amazing so much that i have a hard time driving while listening to it-it's spell binding, sing at the top of your voice along; the type of song that makes you wish you could crawl into and build a house, plant a garden, and live happily ever after within.
goes well with: philadelphia rolls and (opps) parliament lights.

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