Sunday, February 08, 2004

Rant and Rave

Word on the street is that over in Europe shows are done with by 11pm. I'm beyond envious and straight to insanely jealous concerning this piece of gossip. Somewhere in between 11 and 12 last night I found myself asleep on one of those satin maroon coaches that lines the brick walls in the Tea Room, it had been a long and wonderful day filled with an over-indulgence of cheap beer, hot dogs, the sights and sounds of Quiet Lovely, Deathray Davies, Elefant, (wahhoooooo this Houston band rawked my socks off)Flying Fatal Somethingoranothers, and 25% Toby; and so I was more than content, I was wiped. Though, even if the day had been composed of wet kisses from puppies, an after lunch nap, and endless red bull and jagermiester contraptions, I know for a matter of most likeliness, I would have retired after the Party rather than Rage against the Clock. But Elefant was on the bill, a band I have recently discovered and fallen head over heels for, my name was on the list and earlier cute guitar player flirting seemed convincing enough to stick it out. I woke up to the shifting of the lady next to me, the second band was still playing, I inquired about the time, and decided to find my friend-the one and only Gordon Lightfoot for some pep. He delivered. The show was definitely worth it, no doubt, but the thought that elsewhere in the world, kids are getting to savor the sounds and experiences of great music while still getting a healthy eight hours of sleep has me in a hissy as why in the hell here in the States, maybe just Dallas, that option has yet to fabricate beyond fantasy. Seriously, there are very, and I mean very, few things in this world I enjoy more than going to see a band I love play; it's my ideal first date scenario, my ideal second,third,fourth, fifth, sixth,seventh,eighth,infinity date scenario, my ideal kicking it with the girls scenario, my ideal being by myself scenario, my ideal scenario for Distraction, and my ideal scenario for Satisfaction. It encompasses and invigorates every molecule in my being, the energy and the rhythms, the prescient that your apart of the moment in which the sound is being's Simply Incredible. And this is my justification behind me ranting and the reasoning for the (c)raving.

In my car earlier this evening, while listening to a local station here in Dallas, I heard the Spree!!!! This prompted tears of pride and exictment to swell and dance in my eyes-ohhhhh I can't wait for the world to fall in love with them too. Belle I sent you the moment in a kiss I let out into the wind. Candy Girl missed church this morning because of Edward Scissorhands and I missed church this morning because I was too lazy to take a shower and I felt condemnation concerning Friday night's abomination in conduct.

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