Thursday, February 19, 2004

Perky and Perfect:

The only thing last night was lacking, were my three best friends; but apart from that void, it was perfect. I woke up this morning still grinning, a little too bubbly for 7am and for only getting 4 hours of sleep, but that's just how much fun I had even despite the fact I over-shopped with Gordon Lightfoot and therefore missed the Pre-SFA Party Rachel and I had planned. I hate flaking out on people. Though I think the shopping mission to be a great sucess-by the end of the night he had his crush entralled into every word his Armani Exchange/Banana Republic/in a cool pair of girl jeans that was snug as a bug-ass could offer. Which made me feel incredibly happy that my inate sense of style could help my best boyfriend snag the attention of his pitter-patter. And not to mention, but the Super Fury Animals gave a stellar performance ontop of it all, and I was simply buzzing from the greatness in the air, surrounded by familiar faces I love being surrounded by: people I haven't seen in ages; friends who's girlfriends won't ever friggin let me have a minute conversation at the bar with but that minute is always golden anyways so whatever; a girlfriend whose ball and chain is on tour; and the regulars I can always count on to raise two fists in the air with me engage my smile into laughs.

And today it's beautiful. The weather couldn't be more perfect either,i'm more perky than my boobies, Nickerbocker is going to see El Gato with me tonight, SXSW is coming up, I have an advanced copy of the Snow Patrol waiting for me, I can wear skirts again now that's it's not freezing, and my heart is loving all the wide open spaces i'm running through and to.


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