Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Newtons Figs, Missie's Laws

I've done it again, got myself in that pickle; resorting to the Therapist, leaving starsailing as squeaky clean as possible, posts fumbling in comprehension, unable to disassemble my ever wounded heart from my recently messed with head. I rebuttal to share, to indulge into that which, has reached it's finis la destination; and end, once and for all but in this tale there is no Happy Ending, just the reminder that just because inertia exists it does not constitute velocity to be accurate but that it has motion and will remain in motion towards the same direction until an unbalanced force disturbs it's movement. Unfortunately I seem to loose my sense of panosphy in the motion, and this frustrates me more than anything, because I am not an illogical person, rather, I wish to believe: systematic, analytical, rational, and friggin dern logical. I suppose it is when our desire to materialize, to contrive, falsified hopes; that the equatition, being either now or then, to add up into that which it might that ones sense of panopshy becomes blurred and over-powered by an unproven will of desire instead of facing the (hurtful) facts of what is. In the case which this concerns: a motion of nothingness and repurcusions. Or in the case which it concerns friendsters with political motivated soap boxes: a motion of constant self-induced disillusionment. Better put;

" The only sure thing is that mankind is eager for truth, lives by it, will not let it go and turns desperate in the teeth of contradiction"
-Jacques Barzun.

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