Tuesday, February 24, 2004

After work I picked up the kids from school. As soon as we were all all safe and dry, with seat belts on, I began to ask them the same questions my mother would ask me as a child, such as;"how was your day?" and "so tell me everything you learned?" and then the one they dread, "so did you stay on green?" (green means you didn't get any misconduct points). The consequence of them getting on yellow is no tv and on a rainy day like today the silver screen is gold while red ensures a harsh whooping. Nicole, my niece, has never gotten on anything but green. She is a perfect pupil. Caleb, my nephew, on the other hand takes after his Auntie Missie; he often visits the land of disobdience and ends up sitting in his room playing with plastic dinosaurs or digging holes in the backyard. So I was shocked when from the back seat came a little girls wail. I consoled her. I told her we all make mistakes and not to let it eat away at her. I told her the only bad mistake is the one you don't learn a lesson from. Which spoke volumes to myself and quieted her tears.

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Nichole! said...

hahahahha! thats sooooooooooo funny! i dont rember!!!!! hahah!