Sunday, February 01, 2004

My Boobs Only

Let me begin by stating that Jon is not my boyfriend and I am not his girlfriend but I do think it's perfectly safe to put in writing that I like Jon and Jon likes me, that I dig hanging out with him and he digs hanging with me, that i'm the only girl in the picture who nibbles on his lower lip and he is the only boy who i'll let grab my ass, so things that shouldn't even cross my mind, inevitability, do.

Last night Jon asked me what I thought about him going to dinner this weekend with his friend Ashley, without hesitation, I told him it was perfectly cool because it is and I was simply blown away in smitteness that he even thought about asking me. He continued to ease any hidden worries by informing me, it wasn't a date at all, she has a boyfriend, and it was simply because a few weeks prior, with no one else to be her Hero, he came to the rescue and this was her Thank-you Dear Clark Gables. But hours later as I was leaving and the goodbyes were being exchanged and the one last "oh yah your going out with Ahsley tomorrow night" conversation was being onced over, the thoughts of her being his girlfriend at one time, right before me, came into play, which in itself is nothing, but as his once upon a time girlfriend, I thought to myself, "that means she once kissed him and, holy fuck he probably saw her boobs too, my Boy ( yes I just called him my Boy) is going to go out to eat with a girl he has seen the boobs of, and now he's telling me (this portion has been dramatized for more impelling reading) she's misunderstood and no one gets her but he does and the reason why he broke up with her really doesn't make sense now and ugh he's seen her boobs!!!" So I did what any girl in a state of possesivness would do, I suggested he take her to the party tomorrow night, not just because he should be there for his friends birthday but, more importantly, so I could meet her, look her in the eyes; to make sure she wasn't going to pull any on purpose "look at my boobs yawns" at the dinner table. What's that ol' proverb: Keep your friends close but your Boys x-girlfriends closer. I'd just feel better if I knew this girl, if I knew she was safe, not one of those girls that gets a kick out of having boys crush her/adore her because she has a low self esteem and needs lots of male confidence to make her feel better about her worth, or, of keeping back ups close even while there in a relationship but a x-girlfriend who likes to play ketchup from time to time with their old boyfriends that, had not been for dating, they'd probably still be buds with anyways and since he was her Superman when she needed a Superman desperately what not a perfect oppurtunity and reason. I'm one of those ketchup gals so I get that. I also get that it doesn't matter who Jon goes out to dinner with, be it Charlize Theron or a x-girlfriend, because if he one day he should like someone else than obviously i'm not the girl and who wants to be in a relationship one day as, not The Girl.

Plus i'm sure my boobs are bigger. :)

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