Friday, November 11, 2005

"You're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha, covered with hair."
-Ron Burgandy

more than i hate thinking or feeling negative thoughts, i hate sharing them. (they) seem so petty when you look back, and so i usually try to, internally, wait out the storm. however, yesterday i let the shit fly and now i feel all poopy. yes, poopy. medford has some serious redeeming qualities: the horizon is absolutely beautiful and jon is here.

i remember a conversation heather and i had at a coffee house in austin while living there; i really liked austin-the trails, the music scene, the encouragement of earth conscience living, the shops, the variety of different things to be apart of or do, and just the overall "vibe"-but i didn't know a single person and since i couldn't find a job, i was still commuting to dallas every weekend; and so i was contemplating dropping school and moving back to dallas. heather had a similar experience when she went off to baylor for school; she spent 6 months in utter misery and then she met a girl in one of her classes and they became(and still are) the bestest of friends. she advised i give it 6 months before calling it quits or even fixate on the negative.

i didn't adhere to her council-i quit school and moved back to the big d. now, in austin, i have a plethora of friends living there. though i don't regret it, i know i would have found great happiness and fulfillment in a city i loved had i waited out the storm of loneliness. and since i didn't take heather's advice the first time, i'm taking it now.

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Anonymous said...

6 months... I advice you 6 weeks which means that your coming home tomorrow. Yeah!