Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i've been extremely fortunate to have found a group of great and fun friends. so fantastic, such good times that i have a hard time remembering ALL the stories and moments from beginning to end. like when steph lost her digi camera that she bought in japan at michelle's birthday party(see picture above). ryan fitz had taken over camera responsalibity, which in hindsight was a really bad idea since he and kate had just broken up and thus was drinking Alot. it seemed like everytime you went to scratch your nose fitzy and bright flashes were there: capturing the moment. no doubt there was to come from that party some real gems, like michelle laying on random people or tay flirting with a highschool girl or marcus breaking the hamcock by attempting to jump on me in it. unfortunately, the next day when headaches and giggles emerged at the recolation from the night before events the camera did not. we tried to pin the tail on the guilty one, we cleaned the house and our cars, we called people, but in the end the camera was MIA. fitzy said he gave it to me when we were laying on the broken hammock but i was half passed out and don't remember that ever happening.

then there was the time i ended up spending an entire night at baylor hospital. not as a patient but in the waiting room waiting for a patient. i can't recall how we all ended up in my car or where i was going but that is how it all started. cp, evan, shane, and i were driving down ross avenue when, for some reason, we decided to pull over and try to jump over these huge bushes. one after another we would run and jump but not a single one of us could make it over...then shane got seriuosly airborned and over he went crashing to the concrete earth below-breaking his arm. shane now lives in san diego and when he heard jon and i were going to get hitched down there, offered his professional hook-up to repay me for the night i spent in the ER waiting for him.

good times, good friends.

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