Monday, November 28, 2005

i had accomplished the most important: i had picked out a locale for the wedding. but not because i couldn't see myself getting married anywhere else but because invitations needed to be made so flights could be booked. it was a selection based on neccesatity, nothing more.

for the past two weeks the morning sickness has been crippling and, often, last throughout the day; disabling me from accomplishing or eating much of anything.

despite jon's argument that it only Just started getting cold here, i feel as if winter arrived just a week or two after we did. and almost as much as i miss my friends, my neighborhood, the allgood, and queso-i really miss sunshine too. which lead me to wanting a honeymoon somewhere warm, which lead me to wanting a honeymoon somewhere tropical, which lead me to browsing airfare to hawaii on priceline, which lead me to a cheaper alternative: a cruise.

however, with a baby on the way, me not having a steady income, and the duty and financial obligation of putting on a wedding production meant there would be no sunshine. and in the end a wedding neither of us really wanted.

so jon and i did exactly what needed be done: we cancelled the wedding in oregon and opted to do a small and intimate ceremony on the beach in san diego. and i couldn't be more stoked. no decorating, no catering, no fancy bridal gown we really can't afford anyways, no rentals, no boring dinner rehearsal, and no headaches. together with just our families and close friends barefoot on the beach. ohh yes, and a cruise to the mexican rivieria.

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