Wednesday, November 02, 2005

cooking with karma, literally

sure, in the tenth grade i decided i was going to be a housewife when i grew up. in that same year i debated, despite the fact that my best friend was and is a technical mexie, against illegal mexicans working and living in the US. i took extremes. the ones everyone else was too p.c to take. not because they were things i necessarily agreed with but because, back then, i enjoyed a good debate and the only way of that happening was to cross the line. here i am, ten years later, and karma is catching up. for instance, a few days ago i received two unsolicited cookbooks in the mail from two totally different people. true story. jon had a good laugh with it but the coincidence was too much for me to laugh off. now, i have no plans to give up the ghost of personal fulfillment and significance just because i received two cookbooks in the mail on the same day, but i might make a nice roast as i map out my degree plan in sociology.


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