Saturday, November 05, 2005


not only am i good today, but i'm also having a really good day. jon and i started our day with some necessary cleaning which allowed me to mentally relax and put away my eternal to do list; then we set out with only ideas--mine was to go to eugene for the day, but with a winter storm in affect all across the state , the possibility of getting stuck there over night out weighed the desire for live music and fine dining--almost noon, we decided brunch was a must and so settled for a short excursion to ashland, a, very, mini soho-esque town not but 15 minutes away; there in ashland we stumbled upon a small restaurant nestled off the main drive in between a theater and a boutique. a menu posted on the door persuaded us in and once in the ambiance and aesthetics had us confident this might be our new favorite joint. indeed, after a delicious avocado scambler, mexican mocha, and blackberry pancakes presented with style and delivering in taste, it was a sealed deal. the day was overcast, chilly, and crisp-the perfect weather for a walking around town with your hands planted in your jacket pockets. we ended up walking to an old movie theater and, with every senior citizen in town, decided on seeing "good night, and good luck". i thoroughly enjoyed the movie where as in jon fell asleep. the contradiction of the message of the film to the current state of journalism and the media was very perplexing to me. in the movie our main character is on a crusade for contradiction, for people to disagree with one another in a civilized and intelligent manner, that without not only opposition of different ideas and opinions but also the encouraging of different ideas and opinions and the struggle to ascertain the truth from the two, that we are all in trouble. i have always whole heartedly agreed with such a notion and have always found it suprising that when i, in the past, have voiced a different set of beliefs and stances, am often greeted hostile by those who are suppose to be open minded. yes, i'm talking right and left. i, being on the right, have no qualm whatsoever with those who disagree. in fact, i have friends who can back me up on that i've said many times before how grateful i am for the left; this is because that is how balance is maintained. trust me i would be scared shitless if our world was run without an advocate for revolution and new ideas, no matter what that revolution entailed or what those ideas were. history is my best defense. but that doesn't mean i'm without opinions or ideas of my own, it simply means i understand that contradiction is the key to achieving balance, and thus, the greater good. but getting back to my good day: after the movie, jon and i walked around a little bit more looking for a coffee shop. with a caramel and peanut covered apple in tote, jon decided he rather make a pot of coffee back at home. after a quick detour to a music store and wine cellar, here we are and jon is, once again, alseep.

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Ray Ray said...

It was a darn good movie. JoHn and I saw it this weekend, too.