Monday, June 09, 2008

They're Here!

early sunday morning my parents had finally arrived. for what seems like EONS now i have been patiently awaiting their visit. this trip marks their first time to come here Together, and a torturous eighth months since I/We saw them last. and with those eight months i have had more than enough time to plan their every second here, starting with Avenue of Giant Bolders, Becky's Cafe, and Crater Lake (seen in the picture on the left, behind my mother who always seems to be blinking in every cameo). i have been up to Crater Lake a few times, but this trip up i too was surprised to see the 12 feet of snow still on the ground. though snow in and of itself in june really blew my beach bum parents away. for thirty minutes straight all my father could muster was, "SNOW! THEIRS SNOW ON THE GROUND!".

the really amazing thing to me however is how conrad has seemed to not miss a beat with the grandparents he only sees twice a year. it hadn't been a hour and conrad was requesting to give my mom a kiss, and wanting to trade hats with my dad.

i probably won't have a lot time to blog this week, let alone be on the computer, though i'll try. like i mentioned, i have every second of every day mapped out. today was the "medford attractions", ya know, a trip to the Rogue Creamery ( their bleu cheese took the 1st, or maybe it was 3rd, place for the best bleu cheese in some International contest. it's kinda a big deal if you live here or into cheese awards at all.) , a trip to some fancy schmancy chocolate store ( their were actually chocolateres drizzling colored chocolate onto truffles and stirring buttered cremes!), then to the Harry and David store. me and my father were going to take this time during conrad's nap and hit the Roxy Ann winery, nothing more heart warming than a father and pregnant daughter hitting the winery for some vino in the middle of the day, but we both decided a nap would kick ass more. yet here i am...while he naps.


Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy they are there with you guys! Happy and jealous that we can't be there too. Have a ton of fun and don't worry, we'll catch up on the blogging after this week.

Anonymous said...

I am soo glad both ur parents were able to come out and visit! I hope Jeremy and I can make a trip up this summer and do the same. We miss you guys like crazy! Give Conrad a big hug and kiss from us, and ur tummy we LOVE him too!!! =0)

P.S.->Tell ur Dad I thought the same thing about the snow when I first got to Crater Lake. lol!


Stacy said...

I don't believe that you are pregnant...because from behind you don't look it...if you took a picture of me from behind, I'd hate to see what it looked like, lol...I hate you :)