Thursday, June 26, 2008

fittingly and finally, Mommy

not much of a surprise conrad's first accidental word was DaDe, his first intended word, Da, and his first two syllable word, Daddy. literally, from the first seconds of conrad's existence outside of my womb there was a connection between him and his father. a "hi, conrad" followed by two just opened eyes looking intently in the direction of his fathers voice. everyone in the room knew he knew, it was no coincidence.

as his language skill has developed, slow but steady, there has been:

elm, elma (elmo)
nahnah (juice)
op...n (open)
a-ba (bath)
gee (keys)
buh (bug)
bee (for both bee's and the beach)
dub (thank-you)
dub-dub (here you go)
we (weeds, he is absolutely OBSESSED with pretending to weed eat the grass with the toy weed wacker i got him from a yard sale. i shit you not, some mornings he wakes up asking for "We")
me (conrad referring to himself)
wal (walk)
wah (water or waffles)
pah (grampa)
mah (either me or his gramma)
mil (milk)
nack! (snack)
arbe (arby's)
yum-me (yummy)
teh-e (his teddy bear)
swee (swing)
par (park)
thwee (three)
ive (five)
ate (eight)
nihn (nine)

and almost every animal noise you can possibly think of plus a plethora of other various words that are hit and miss with consistency.

but if you noticed, I, the women who carried him for 9 long months, spent 16 hours in labor with, nursed him from sore, infected nipples, for 10 months woke up in the middle of the night to tend to; I, the women, who pureed his first foods by hand, spent countless hours every day stimulating him with various sounds and smells and sights and rhymes instead of putting him in a baby swing to exist, who has changed what seems like thousands of his God awful diapers (while making lovey dovey faces none the less), having had spit up in my hair, on my blouse, in my mouth; I, the women, who has bitten cherry after cherry in half for him so he wouldn't choke on the pit, scrubbed crap off his crib, on a daily basis has read the same book ten times in row for, been brainwashed by thomas for, let clip my toe nails with real clippers, spent hours outside searching for bugs with, and has dedicated the remainder of her life to his happiness and well being; I, that same women, up till this afternoon only been referred by an occasional bubba and the same word he calls his grammas.

then something happened i have been waiting for since the day i found out i was going to be a Mommy, this afternoon he finally said, "Mommy". a perfect, two syllable, "Mommy". me. his mommy.

there in the mall i stopped the stroller and in front of store front windows and doors, with people all around me, i dropped down in front of him and made a complete fool of myself as he repeated it over and over again for my amusement.

add it to the "I, the women", the mommy.


Anonymous said...

emily has 4 definite words right now:

daddy - her first word (of course)
baby - which actually mean berry, because she eats berries every day and loves them
hot - she probably says that word the most, being from texas
and this week, as well, she says a perfect, high-pitched- mommy! she says it over and over. It is sooo cute!! Even if she doesn't know that she is referring to me, I still love it every time I hear it!

Missie Rose said...

congratuations. it's so awesome. i hope truman doesn't wait so long to make me feel validated. ;)

Des said...

Lyric is the opposite. The first real word she said was Mama where she knew exactly what she was asking for. Since then, she calls my name all the time. "Mama, mama, mama" and most of the time, it's just to smile at me. Her new thing she has started lately which I need to blog about is the "NO" phase. She says it so wonderfully well. Do you want that "no", did you go poo-poo "no", Can you bring me that "No" (as she brings it to me) "NO" is her favorite word. She even yells it at the dog when he is barking. Even right now she is standing by me holding her baby doll looking at it and telling it no.
Currently she can say:
DoDo (which is suposed to be Coco- my sis)
Ass (Ash her cousin)
ssss (yes)
oowww (ouch)
edi (Jedi)
psss (please)
And a variety of consistent grunts.

I'm trying to teach her thank you and drink.

This is such a fun stage where they start talking!

Kim said...

oh, you have me crying! that is SO darn sweet. i wonder if it has to do with you asserting your position to him? either way, i just love conrad so much. he's such a lovely little man.

Michelle said...

Awe that's so awesome!! Congratulations Missie. Now just keep working on him with "aunt boo" or any form of the word he can muster out. I'll even accept Elmo as a temporary substitute. Although last time I tried to talk to Conrad on the phone he said "no".

LIZZY said...

awww, I am completely expecting my son to do the same as yours. He lurves his Daddy!

At 6 months, I am completely content with the consonants and the "back of the throat, mixed with spit cooing noises" he makes when he is happy.

He also likes to do the "inhale squeal" which is always a winner in our house.

Michelle said...

I heard him say "mommy" to you the other day on the phone and it is indeed melt-your-heart worthy!