Wednesday, June 25, 2008

are we cool yet?!?

exhausted and drained i plopped down on the sofa. jon was playing one of his alternative reality uber nerd computer games and conrad was asleep. it was 9ish or so and once again the finished day had taken it out me, conrad had worked me, pushed me, and had it been a hour earlier, i would have made the trip to barnes and noble to buy Turning the Terrible Twos Into Terrific, a book super mom kim back in dallas swears by.

as jon slayed giant dragons with his posse of elves and centaurs, i began to unveil to him my fears on being a mother of a toddler. not all has been lost but the last few weeks have been more hard than not; conrad has been busy trying to figure out which one of us is in control, and often i have been too tired and pregnant to enforce and ensure him it's ME and his father; the punitive damages from such inconsistency has been worse than i could have imagined. which is why yesterday was so difficult, because i decided first thing that morning to reclaim my power, and a power struggle it was.

then we greeted today. already after one day of total uncompromising and firm stances, he is worlds more agreeable. in fact, today has been pretty magical. not a single tantrum or NOOOOOOO or hitting. we've been to the park, rode our tricycle (one of those with handle bars for you the parent to push while they sit strapped in. it's awesome.) to story time at the library, played trains with his friends afterwards, rode our tricycle to the gelato shoppe, split a small cup of chocolate and raspberry, then to Rays to pick up a sandwich for daddy which we brought to him at work, and home for a nap. and during all this there has been kisses and snuggles and silly voices and conversations about the world around us....and me only having to ask something once.


Mexskimo said...

Yay! Sounds like a lovely day! Glad you got some peace!

Des said...

I think it's funny how quick kids "get it". I watch it with my daughter. Just a day or so of REALLY setting boundries, she's a different little girl.

Michelle Martin said...

And this is why I still only have a cat :) You can really see the sinful nature in kids when they turn into toddlers.

Kim said...

oh yea!!! conrad is so awesome. i can't believe he turned around in only one day. i mean, i'm sure there will be more testing, but it sounds like he's getting the message. good for you for pushing through a crap day for the long term. keep up the good work, mommy!