Wednesday, June 04, 2008

dear dallas (mostly, pregnant women in dallas),

do you have any idea how lucky you are to have so many yummy eateries at every corner? do you? i said, DO YOU!!!???!!!!

when i was pregnant with conrad( i won't even bother mentioning the countless, tittering on gazillions, of times i wasn't pregnant and none the less) i l-o-n-g-e-d for the number two at allgood, the pulled chicken casserole from chuys, the queso at los lupes, sushi from blue fish, a chicago dog from harry's hot dogs, a burger and milkshake from jakes, the chef salad at tabc, oh and i could go on and on. the cravings would swell up in me, making me unable to focus on simple tasks like being content, or, making meals myself.

unequivocally, the hardest aspect of adjusting to life in medford, oregon hasn't been coping with the long and rainy winters, or that the closest buffalo exchange is a couple hundred miles away, or that culture here is non-existent, or even that there are some days where the only social interaction i receive is from the bank teller or the cashier at target. no. those have not been the most challenging obstacles i've had to deal with, what is-is the UTTER lack of good/mediocre restaurants that exist in this valley. *with the exception of the sushi restaurant jon and i stumbled upon two weeks ago. that place kicked ass.* i honestly didn't think places like this valley i call Home existed in this world. i was clueless. i assumed everywhere had at least a FEW good restaurants, or dives, or cafes. but a complete wash?!? seemed impossible to imagine. then i moved here and was pregnant and the cravings began; i dreamed of huevos rancheros and pancakes, of barbeque and fried okra, of queso, rivers of velvety queso!, of cheesecake factory and of fireside pies.

jon and i would head out on friday nights and saturday mornings trying new, recommended places, but they were all terribly sub-par, and for the asked price, we felt like we were being rapped in the ass. still, we've perservered. and there have been moments of redemption: morning glory out in ashland does make a tasty breakfast, though if it were a tad cheaper, i feel it would be more just for what their serving; and then there is roadhouse grill, which has a decent tri-tip, though i venture to assume, if the same tri-tip were served somewhere in dallas, one might enjoy it though never think about it again. and of course, the sushi restaurant wasabi, a hole in the wall, that when jon and i visited was so jam packed those who had to wait had to wait outside. wasabi is actually a sushi bar that would thrive in dallas or any city for that matter: the rolls were TASTY, and fresh, and most importantly, completely worth every penny.

but today i'm not craving sushi, or steak. today i WANT a clubhouse sandwich with a side of salty fries.

but where? i'll answer myself: No Where!!! it's hopeless, and i must get it through that head of mine it's not going to happen. just like the days where all i want is good bbq that...don't happen, and the days where desert from La Duni would make my entire world...don't happen, this too, won't happen.

so hear me dallas, and go eat out!


Anonymous said...

i do not take forgranted the city that if it was a man i would date and marry. i do not take forgranted that if it wasn't a city it would be a chef. and i would still marry it. oh D. - Tiff

Missie Rose said...

never thought about it that way, but now that you bring it my attention, i would too.

Anonymous said...

Man you're going to hate me but this weekend we're going to Austin and food consumption will consist of South Congress Cafe, Hula Hut, that taco stand far down Guadalupe, Kyoto sushi bar and the random yummy dinner stops on the way there and back. I don't take it for granted. I freaking love to eat and I love that Dallas pretty much only has to offer good eateries. You may have mountains and the Red Wood Forest only an hour away but I got queso flowing like a river. And let's not forget, let's not forget Chick Fila. Ok, now that's just being mean.


Des said...

I think I'm going to have to go to Los Lupes for lunch now... mmmm... .queso.
But don't worry. I'll probably be moving to Brussels next year and will be screwed WAY worse than you with needing Dallas food... I don't even want to think about it.

Anonymous said...

There's a new money-maker for you— start a restaurant in Medford!! You would make a fortune AND satisfy your cravings.... I will make a logo for you ;-)

LIZZY said...

I spent the first 18 years of my life in a little town with your predicament. I feel ya, my friend, I feel ya. :)

Mexskimo said...

That sounds like growing up in Anchorage to me. I'm sure my mom and siblings will have no problem getting used to Medford when it comes to the eatery department. I've been so spoiled since moving to Dallas. Whenever the fam comes to visit, all they want to do is eat out, every single meal. Completely understandable....

Missie Rose said...

you know, jon and i have discussed why nobody has yet to come into this valley and open a stellar restaurant (in particular, medford). it does seem like this area isn't much for the dallas sort of lifestyle you and i know. people don't get out enough. and whether the egg or the chicken came first...i don't know. there is an upper tier here, but there isn't a young professional crowd; and maybe those folks are what drives a place to stay in business. it really doesn't make sense, we have a huge population of southern cali replacements with southern cali money here. hmmm.

and by the way des and boo, thank-you for eating out!