Sunday, June 29, 2008

jon is watching a biography about the pixies, which reminded me of a something i wanted to blog about months ago: the possibility of my rock star kindred spirit being chris robinson, or maybe it was rich robinson. one of the two. for the longest time i wondered if, apart from the bass player mortal attraction, how someone like me, a music enthusiast...a rock snob, could find so very little in common with those responsible for crafting and creating the very thing that makes my soul quiver and sparkle.

i listen to these interviews on npr, or at least i did until my stereo got stolen out out my car a few weeks ago-though if you ask jon it wasn't theft because my windows were down and somehow that negates it being a crime. whatever- run on a program called World Cafe. they showcase some of the most random and awesome bands and artists; i've heard everyone from my morning jacket to the guitarist from the clash. the host, david dye, a guy who has to have the coolest job on the face of the earth apart from that annoying chic on the travel channel who GETS PAID to jet set across the globe, shacked up in five star hotels, critiquing the spa's, the most expensive items on the menu because of course that's what we, the people who watch such television shows want to know about- what dishes on the menu we will never be able to afford, let alone travel to such exotic locales to taste, taste like. so david dye has a whole slew of questions and song requests he presents these rock legends and rock to be legends with, i would sit there in my car and almost feel uncomfortable listening to these Idols make absolute no sense, just ramble blah blah blah, then they would play a song and the moments before awkwardness would vanish, and once again they were perfect. genius.

this dilemma wasn't new to me, i had experienced it back in dallas: night after night, show after show, local and touring musician after local and touring musician (minus the occasional bass player, but i'm not sure if bass players count because they hardly talk during interviews let alone when there is more than one person present). and just as with the interviews on npr, i could never find that groove, that groove that says, "we are two of the same". i would do most of the asking and buying, them the talking and drinking.

then one day on my way to safeway to buy the fixings for sandwiches i heard an interview with the black crowes. i've never been a black crowes fan. really never even paid any attention to their stuff. but listening to the interview i had this weird sensation, the sensation of not wanting to cut their wrists for them. whatever robinson brother it was, he was cool. not pretentious, or overtly attempting at being weird and novel, just transparent in who he was. the reasons and inspiration for why he wrote a certain song were things i always thought musicians thought-things i could understand and not just gravitate to but relate to.

i turned the car off and walked inside for my quest of sliced smoked turkey and muenster cheese when it dawned on me, i am jon's very own not so hot version of kate hudson and him my short haired, bearded rocker turned father.

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Michelle said...

I don't remember the name of the show but on the HDNet channel they do a whole music series and interview lots of obscure and very well-known musicians and the going-theme, as has been for the past... 7 years is blaming Bush, bashing the war, saying "we got to take a stand and raise our voices". It bugs the crap out of me! Posers. Shoe gazers. Idiots.