Tuesday, January 31, 2006

i can hardly wait...

little girl names i like:
1. evalyn
2. lily
3. hazel
4. celeste
5. ariel
6. eve
7. paloma
8. michelle
9. anabelle
10. prudence

little boy names i like:
1. oliver
2. conrad
3. haden
4. mason
5. calvin
6. landon
7. noble
8. earnest
9. jonathan (junior)
10. ivan


Jon and Des V. said...

Okay, not that you asked, but here is my two-cents on the name game!
little girl names i like:
1. evalyn- like (though it does sound like an old lady)
2. lily- LOVE
3. hazel- LOVE
4. celeste-like
5. ariel- like
6. eve-like
7. paloma-LIKE
8. michelle- That's sweet
9. anabelle-LOVE
10. prudence- Here is the thing with this name, what are you going to call her for short? Prudy?

little boy names i like:
1. oliver-LOVE
2. conrad-LOVE
3. haden- LOVE
4. mason- It reminds me of Masonry, like the evil group, so I'm out for demonic reasons :)
5. calvin- LOVE
6. landon- LOVE for obvious reasons
7. noble- HMMM... I don't know, but it could work
8. earnest- Same as above
9. jonathan (junior)- I'm out on the Jr names
10. ivan- Yes, as long as he grew up to be a body builder!
There you go, now you can pick your childs name now that I have told you my opinion! :)

Missie Rose said...

greatness des. i love the "i'm out for demonic reasons". you've always been a woman of intergrity. well anywho what's with the website of yours i can't seem to visit?

Jon and Des V. said...

ya, my husband's a slacker. Our server crashed and he bought space on a new one, and just hasn't re-loaded the website... what am I going to do with that boy...

Michelle said...

MICHELLE of course! What better name is there!? I like Prudence - Pru for short, kinda cute. Lily and Evalyn as well. What about "Love"? Hmmmmm. I'm banking on this kid being a girl but should it be a terror, Oliver is a great name.
Whatever the name is, your kid's going to be pretty kick-ass.

EC said...

I totally have the hots for a girl right now named Paloma. She's from Australia and she's just the most adorable thing in the world. Of course, all my friends say I have no chance with her, but what do they know? I would vote for Paloma, or ariel or celeste or michelle. for the boys i like oliver or conrad. of course, i think erik is a good name, too. just make sure you spell it correctly.