Tuesday, January 24, 2006

today in pictures

a family of deer came by the apartment this afternoon for some tea and scones. mr. buck (as seen in the thicket) was a tad on the shy side, but overall we all had a blast.

the bump is getting so bumbalicious i'm having no choice but to wear quasi-maternity clothing. everyone has told me that with your first one you don't begin to show till your 6 months or so but my belly is out to prove them all wrong.


encantada said...

You look fantastic though!

Michelle said...

Your bump is the absolute cutest bump ever! I'll be looking for more of those "maternity" shirts for you. In the meantime, Irregular Choice shoes are on their way.

Missie Rose said...

new shoes and compliments...must be my lucky day.

Jon and Des V. said...

Hey Courtney always starts showing at 3 months too, it's because y'all are so tiny. I'll probably be on the bed, my feet in the stirrups, pushing and screaming and cursing the day I was impregnated and the nurses will be looking at themselves, whispering, "Is she pregnant?"
:) love you!