Thursday, February 02, 2006

interview with Misty from Survivor (fiction. yes, i'm doing my first fake interview.)

me: hey misty, long time. congratulations on the Survivor spot.

misty: thanks, it has been a long time hasn't it?!?

me: yah, i think the last time i saw you, you were trying to hide my clothes in the back of your closet. nice one.

misty: sorry about that, but after living with me didn't you kinda expect crazy tactics?!?

me: i suppose i should have. i did expect you to be on reality tv eventually; although, i must be frank, i expected to see you on something like "Who Wants to Marry A Millionaire" not Survivor. which has me wondering, what lead you to do something like Survivor?

misty: well, you know how competive i am being the former Ms. Teen Texas and coming from a military family...i'm a tomboy in highheels.

me: (laughing)

misty: what?!? you know how down to earth i am.

me: (still laughing) i'm sorry, i'm sorry. it's just your so good at convincing not just other people but...never mind, that's rude of me. i'm being a total bitch and it's totally uncalled for. i think you'll win this thing. i really do. good luck.

misty: (tries to hug me so she can lift my wallet out of my purse)


Michelle said...

Hahahhahaaaa that's funny. Man it was crazy when I was reading the newspaper and her picture was there as a "Survivor", should have been "Psycho".

Jon and Des V. said...

Do y'all know this girl?

Missie Rose said...

oh yah. she was an interesting roomie. i don't want to dog her too much, she was very thoughtful and giving...she just had some issues i've never come across before. i swear sometimes des, i'm amazed at the strangeness of my life.