Monday, February 13, 2006

there is something very unsettling about getting a voicemail from your doctors office moments after you left that same afternoon requesting you come back first thing monday morning for some tests, as requested by the doctor himself. i can't tell you how eager the paranoia in me becomes at such a rare occurance. within ten minuetes of hearing the message i had already begun imagining the Lifetime movie made about me and my struggle with the rare illness; the letters i will have to start writing to my unborn child explaining how even without It being born It has already become my greatest achievement; and then the cries Jon will have my family-everyone telling one another "She really loved you SOOOOO much."

but after talking to the nurse at the doctor's office i found out my trip in is for a bilateral mammogram. which, as i've read, finding lumps in your boobies when your pregnant is quite normal. the odds for breast cancer are like 1 in 20,000.

neverless, "first thing monday morning"...good lord a tad dramatic don't you think?!?


Jon and Des V. said...

You need to post another belly shot so we can all see your growth!

Missie Rose said...

you know i tried to do that with this post but it was just taking way too long and i was late for work. i like what your thinking though and i'll try again for ya. how is the progress coming along for getting you web site up and going?

Jon and Des V. said...

Yeah! I love it! You look SO adorable and hot too might I add! hubba-hubba!
It's up now
Love ya and keep that hump safe (my hump, my hump..."