Saturday, January 10, 2004

Thanks for the Distraction and Octopus:

In moonsoons it pours, breaking waves and tidal waves, heavy rains; sheets of falling rivers and rapid rivers infitrating the lipidity of current with red and blue, pink and purple, and me: clinging to feeble branches over the rushing ruins but only for how long I can't but help to wonder. Laws of nature suggest with every low there is an equally high, we are dictated with Balances and these Balances in return create harmony.

Last night I must have drank the shit out of Harmony: a bottle of wine, a few Japanese beers, a red bull and vodka, and an apple martini for this morning when I awoke I didn't remember that my car was still in the impound without any way of retrieving it, I didn't remember the things my sister said to me, I didn't remember how my family has thrown in the towel with me, I didn't remember this and I didn't remember that; instead I was warm, and even with the nights before manifestation being not altogather wise or time appropiate, it was nice to hold it; to feel accepted and wanted in the immediate memory of it's embrace, to be relaxed and still full from endless trays of sushi.

"where do we go from here?"...anywhere.

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