Saturday, January 24, 2004

Still Not Bothered but Supo Bummed:

I get these emails from friends, in them they write of being exasperated and over whelmed and stressed, things I try at all costs to avoid and strongly advise against, I reply to them with encouragement, I write things like,

"Just remember to place one foot in front of the other at a time, take one breathe in and two breathes out, dance and sing, open the open windows when it rains and wish upon every shooting star you see"

My mantra has always been the Laisse Faire motto: what will be is what will be, or something of that sort and so what will be, be, but sometime the be kinda sucks and the rain makes your hair look all frizzy.

It goes beyond being foiled today, right to, being screwed which bums me out. Every step forward I try to take i'm pushed back a few. I keep waiting for that place on the board that reads, SKIP TO THE FINISH LINE but instead I keep landing on the backwards slide.'s been awhile since I played Candy Land, obviously. Scratch that allegory.

$920.40. That's the new total. From $110 to that. The brakes need worked on, the timing belt is loose, the REO or something needs to be replaced, I need a tune up, I need this and this and that and that before it will pass inspection. Ugh I knew I should have just packed up and moved to Portland...but then I wouldn't be learning this lesson. Right. Sure. Ok. Yeah. One foot in front of the other. Here we Go.


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