Monday, January 05, 2004

And That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles:

Sundays are becoming once again, my favorite day of the week. I went to church. Went out to eat. Went shopping. Saw Big Fish and then came home but damn-it-to-golly there wasn't a moment of down time and anyways too much to do before both Destiny and Tiffani leave for Cypress this weekend to allow it, let alone, want it. I'm so picky at whom I'll let myself attach to-there has to be a connection, there has to be a sense of mutual respect, there has to be laughter, and there has to be trust. Willingly with years of proof already established, I attached. This is no pity party, merely reflection of a common occurance, that seems to be too common for comfort but maybe that's part of His master plan, who knows. I know I enjoy these Sundays while there here still. I enjoy the peace of knowing they're within a short ride still. I feel ridicolous to feel this way because I know I have a ton of people who would be so willing to be such a friend to me BUT REALLY it's not the same. Friendships are something I do not take lightly-I invest and I love so sincerly, it's eternal, too eternal and intense to be careless with.

"Take each day as it comes", it's the line I preach but hardly ever remind myself enough of, it really is the only way to live and so with that in mind: today I took it and it was Great.

Belle Ella got her pictures from the trip developed, hopefully tomorrow i'll get to posting some on here, their hillarious. I had a great laugh looking at them during the previews while Thadius on the other hand pretended to pay attention to them. He is a cutie. Furkin jail bait. Damnit.

And the movie was a classic. Probably the best flick i've seen since...I dunno when. Just good clean entertainment. Just Tim Burton brillance relishing all over the screen and shooting straight into my heart.

I cherish it All.

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