Saturday, January 24, 2004


It's one of those great words that just rolls off my tongue so fantastically i'm guilty as charged to it's constant abuse but today the Gods of Great Words afforded me chance after chance to rightly exclaim my weakness in it's splendor and validity with honest pride. For example, earlier this evening I was to be at Los Lupes or Sols with a pleasant young man hoping, to be attempting an ungodly consumpation of chips and salsa; margaritas and Negro Modelo but instead i'm sitting here at the computer all dolled up in a pair of heart deco pajama pants, a very fashionable lavender tank top that Belle Ella left during her visit, with my hair pulled up into a high messy pony tail babysitting my niece and nephew so that my older sister and her husband could go out and do a little beverage induced relaxation of their own.

Plans for fun, foiled by kindness!!!

The DMA is having their annual Insomnia Weekend and I wish I could be there around 3am tonight discovering neu art, listening to the dj spinning his rhythem es fisasco, but I haven't been able to think of any possible friends who would be or could be up for the adventure.

Plans for mayhem, foiled by distance and pop culture!!!

Then earlier in the day, I had set before me the goal to get my car inspected, in order that I may also get it registered, in order that there be no reason for a police officer to want to pull me over, in order that every damn penny I make would no longer be directly given to them but the mechanic when checking to see my mileage informed that since my engine light was on i'd have to run a diagnostic check first and that was an extra $65 but since I only had enough for the inspection($45) I took a rain check.

Plans for productivity, foiled by Just For Brakes circa July 2003!!!

All the foiling doesn't bother long as I can refer to such situations as FOILED.

;) and Elsewhere

Refreshing and Encouraging: Megan.

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