Monday, March 26, 2007

as timing would have it, conrad discovered his ability in crawling and sitting up in his crib on the same day that cold bug- that had me in it's death grip- gripped conrad as well. which made for the longest attempt at getting him down for his nap, a whole hour devouted to nothing but convincing conrad sleeping when your eyes are blood shot red and your habitually yawning and your sick is way more interesting than realizing you can pull yourself up on the crib railing and throw your pacifer to the ground. and last night was no better, according to jon ( i was at work). jon said it took him a miserbale hour and half before conrad finally passed out, and not in his crib but in jon's defeated arms out in living room watching Planet Earth; and if that was where this story ended i would still postulate us to be lucky and fortunate. however, and unpleasantly, the amalgamation of a sick infant, and a sick infant who went to bed in a state of displeasure and stress, resulted in me being up every single hour last night to either rock him back to sleep or feed him back to sleep or simply put back in his pacifer. i can only say, thank God our bugs didn't doing any amaglamating and that at least i have the "energy" and dry nose to do it.

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Michelle said...

I am SO glad you two are feeling better. Runny noses are no fun when your favorite aunt/sister is in town.