Thursday, March 22, 2007

after fifteen minutes of lying in bed listening to conrad do his "i'm not tired, really i'm not. squeal-yawn-yawn." routine, followed by lou dog barking away like a ravenous beast at probably a leaf blowing in the wind, i guess a much needed nap will have to wait. two nights ago i went to bed with an annoying runny nose and now this morning i am not only still dealing with that same runny nose but also nostrils that feel like they were dipped in tabasco and eyes that feel like sand is in them and overall like the inside of a fat man's ass. the last time i was sick jon stayed home and took care of conrad while i layed on the couch wallowing; it took a day, a day of sheer wallow, but then, that next day, i was back to my cleaning, cooking, productivity obsessed self again. which, being sick, isn't desirable by any means, but the best considering my situation; this time, however, i not only have to work later in the day but this cold bug is giving me every indication she ain't going down without a fight. and all this because the other day i was at the pharmacy picking up an asthma inhaler and somehow i got into a conversation with the pharmacist on how conrad and i have only gotten sick once since he was born versus the 6-12 times my pediatrician said was normal for mothers and infants( not in day care) to get sick by the time the child is 1 years old. knock on wood the jinx only applies to me; it's virtually impossible to keep conrad sanitized from me, especially considering he has thing about putting his fingers in my mouth when he nurses, and that just this morning i caught him with one of snot drenched klennexes in his mouth. delicious, i'm sure. and now i'm waiting for doctor to call me back and tell me what if anything i can take; one of the few downfalls of breastfeeding.

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