Tuesday, March 20, 2007

there in the picture on your left, behind that adorable baby, is a patch of dead grass. see it. yes there i have grand plans for a grand garden. a garden bearing lettuce and carrots and tomato's and cilantro and basil, maybe some magical love beans too. a few weeks back i "picked up" another mom at the grocery store; we exchanged numbers in the spirit of calling each other up the next nice day to go walking together. although, playing it cool i waited a good week to call her and then last friday we finally hooked up and took the kiddos for a walk downtown and had coffee and checked out some thrift stores (great story involving conrad and her little girl, zion, i must blog about.) and planned to get a garden co-op going. i can't tell you just how excited i am at not only making a cool friend but a friend who shares my love for gardening and that quasi-hippy way of life. quasi-as i did not pay the extra $2.00 per bag for organic dirt, likewise with the seeds (really, isn't planting it yourself in your own yard ORGANIC?!?). not to mention, but she is a mom; a mom with a little girl two days older than conrad; a first time mom; a mom kinda like me. it's a match made in food 4 less, a salad in a month.

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