Thursday, March 08, 2007

We finally had a break from the overcast, dreary, dismal weather this past week; cloudless skies and the sort of temperature that makes you want to roll up your long sleeves and walk barefoot through the soft cool grass. It was wonderful in every way being cooped up for X amount of months and finally being able to drag a blanket out in the front yard to lay upon could be. Conrad and I seized every possible opportunity to bask in it's greatness and it was in those moments watching him shrill with excitement as I pushed him in the infant swing at the park and doing fly baby out in the front yard where I had to slap myself at, not only my good fortune to be able to enjoy the fine weather, but to enjoy it with Conrad. Everyday is my favorite day, and it's because I get to wake up to this little thing smiling from ear to ear as he flaps uncontrollably from the excitement at seeing me. I can, with conviction, say, you haven't lived till you've had a child.

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Michelle said...

I have to admit this, and for the persons who have not seen this adorable child it may be hard and near impossible to comprehend, but he really is even more cute in person. SO SO SO SO SO SO precious!