Friday, April 13, 2007

the saga of sickness continues here in the eggert-world. i would only bore you if i were to list the symptoms and conditions and medications we've experienced and taken. currently, it's that same cold bug i blogged about a month ago: she's back. the on again, off again of good health has left things undone and unkept around here-to the point where i really don't know where to start to catch us back up. bills have been paid late and we're all out of clean towels, again. conrad is hauling ass now, crawling around like he's been doing it for years, taught classes on it, wrote a "how to" book or two on the subject. it's pretty damn exciting to watch him boogie from room to room but all that To Do of baby proofing is timely imperative now; because our house was built before infant life expectancy, actually baby proofing it has proved to be more than a chore, a magic trick. since all the flooring is either tile, old vinyl, or slickity slick hardwood, anything that is not super sturdy and heavy poses as a falling hazard. already he is pulling himself up on furniture, attempting at standing (which i imagine leads to attempting to climb). we've already had to move the coffee station into the pantry and move that shelve of pantry into one of those plastic drawer things that had kept all our glass recyclables, to which i tossed out. but then this morning jon informed me that, that isn't quite working out for him-he finds too much difficulty having to pull the coffee maker a few inches out to put the water in it. we also have to replace all our trash bins with trash bins that have lids, as conrad has demonstrated his will to discover what mommy's dirty kleenex's taste like after a few days of getting all crusty. and then there is the need for two more baby gates and a office chair that doesn't have wheels and some sort of contraption to keep conrad out of the kitchen cabinets (nothing from Target has worked yet) and something or another to hide the cords going from the middle of the wall over to the computer; it seriously is a baby proofing nightmare. and i really should be taking this time he naps to get some of this done.

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