Monday, April 23, 2007

the downside of upside and the upside of downside

conrad's first art project. he calls it,
"ketchup and mustard reflections"

i've blogged before about the trials and tribulations in changing conrad's diaper, cross comparing to him to a twirling, spinning river otter. that was about a month and a half ago: a month and half ago before he was actually crawling and pulling himself up to standing positions. if before he was a river otter he is now a flapping and jumping and impossible to get your hands around, determined to pull his diaper off before you have it fastened on, attempting to jump off the side of the changing table, crawl away bare butt(ed) 22lb fish. it makes me miss the days of getting a urine shot in the eyeball and epic assplosions, and that's saying alot. really, i don't think jon or myself knew just how good we had it.

lately it seems everything is becoming a little more complicated, just not the diaper changes. our typical 2-4 night wakings have turned into 4-6; and i would desperately like to let him "cry it out" but the problem is no longer the issue of him feeling abdonned or not but of him standing in his crib unable to figure out how to sit or lay back down from that position. even getting him down for naps and bedtime has become a full on ordeal due to his infatution with not laying down and pulling his diapers out of the dragon-diaper-holder-thing we have on the wall next to his crib. sometimes i'll go in there after thinking i have him down for a nap and find him chest deep in diapers with a huge tired grin on his face.

of course, along with all these new challenges has come the joy in watching him discover his ability in pulling all the tupperware out of the drawer or the look of accomplishment he gets when he, incessantly, pulls the drain out in the tub when i'm trying to bath him in water is left, or the way he defeatidly hums along as i sing him to sleep; and so, so much more.

none the less, i wish they made infant sedatives for doing diaper changes. :)

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