Thursday, April 19, 2007

re:conrad's first time in a pool

i'm almost positive if i were to strap conrad to the back of a rocket and blast him off into space and then him land on the moon and meet a few aliens and have indian food with them, then come back earth to me, he would be clapping and smiling for more; there just isn't much you can throw at that kid that he doesn't Love and Love whole heartidly.

earlier today conrad and i went over to shahala and zion's house for our first play date. zion was sleeping so i took the oppurtunity to feed conrad a jar of food and then he enthusiastically explored the new house while shahala and i chatted and had a cup of tea. shahala was planning on taking zion to the pool afterwards and so our play date turned into a pool date. we ran home and threw some towels and swim trunks in a plastic bag and made our way to the YMCA.

the first few minutes in the water conrad seemed more interested in watching zion, then, like magic, the awesomeness of this giant mass of water that he was in and i was in and his new friends were in, dawned on him and he began to kick and splash and laugh like nothing in his life had ever been so wonderful, not even lou dog licking his face or daddy tossing him vigorously through the air.

within thirty minutes conrad was attempting to blow bubbles and wanting me to superman him across the surface of the water, and though his bathtime gave me every inclination he would be a water baby, i wasn't quite expecting him to figure out the doggy paddle so quickly.

we rinsed off at the showers, and conrad squealed and grasped at the water falling; we dried off, and conrad gibbered away to zion; we went out for thai food and conrad banged on the table; we came home and he nursed and fell asleep. if only everyone was as happy and easy going as conrad.

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