Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i've been sitting here in front of the computer, gazing, reflecting, re-hashing the past few days events and what i should purge from my crowded mental cavity, only to keep rounding a personal dilemma: post-natal baby hair regrowth retardation.

i don't remember if i ever blogged about my hair loss after conrad was born or not...but, yes, i did. i lost it in clumps and handfuls, down the drain, and all up in my hair brushes business. i joked around with jon that i would soon look like gollam and thank god i never did though i did come close and even started mumbling diatribes about "my precious" and catching fish with my hands.

not too long ago, oh let's say, a month ago i started noticing little cute baby hairs popping up all along the edge of my hair line and on top of my head; and sure, it was exciting and encouraging at first, dare i say, dainty. but then they started to grow, and grow curly, sticking out from underneath my straight hair like a bad wig.

i thought that my hair dresser might be able to give me a hair cut to hide them but then he cut my hair and i came to the conclusion he pretty much sucks and i probably need to find a new hair dresser, regardless.

my sister has one of those uber fancy straighting irons that, when she was here, i used and was able to get some control, but now that she's gone and i'm left with my $20.00 Revlon Straightner, and cursing at my hair.

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