Friday, July 23, 2004

quick..what a weird word, quuiiicccckkkkkkk:

sometimes, i really dig dallas. even uptown (despite the people in uptown). but my favorite spot is lakewood. i like looking at the cyclists on my way home from work everyday. i like thinking, "yah, that's what i'm going to do first thing tomorrow: bike the lake." even though, every morning, i wake up and think, " nah, i think i'm going to get stuff done instead-it's too effin hot". i can't put my finger quite on it but there is this peculiar and yet ambient nature to the city that makes me dig it, despite it's disappointing short-comings. it's not something i think the average joe schmoo will ever realize, but it's so definately here; and some mornings, i lavish in it. today i went over to marks to see if he could fix my record player, of course he's on tour, and so as i'm heading back to live oak, i see andy's car. so i stop and knock on his door. there are beer bottles everywhere, i assume from the party rach and i missed last weekend. andy isn't there but his room-mate is and so drew and i talk for a bit, play ketchup, and i leave. back to live oak, and down to good records, because it's been awhile and i just got paid. there's a new guy behind a counter, another overly devouted polyphonic fan, who helps me fix my record player and tries to talk me into buying the new albumn. i leave with a fixed record player and the thermals, thank-you very much. i haven't been myself for the past week. i just started. and it explains alot but it doesn't justify me making someone else put up with me as i ride this emoutional roller-coaster of over-sensativity and irrationalism. i think it's time to do as my doc says and get on the pill. i'm so sick of this happening to me every month. screw gaining the extra weight. being a size 0 is awesome but being normal 30 days out of the month is even more awesome. but dallas. back to dallas. it's friday night and i want sushi, sushi on mckinney!!! i want to go to the nasher sculpture center too. maybe even see a movie. i'll call adam to see if he's game. jon, i wish you were here. ps-sorry.

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