Tuesday, July 20, 2004

i have 22 "things to do":
one of which is to find out, definatively, what i need to do about my warrants. a few weeks ago, i frequented all the cities where i am in violation to set court dates and etc, but, to no avail. the various clerks couldn't find anything in there system about me-not even proof that i once had an outstanding ticket or warrant in their city. nor has anything come in the mail like it was suppose to.  it would be nice to think that i've fallen through the cracks but the repurcusions of assuming such good fortune would be aweful. i also need to find a second job so i can visit jon and michelle in september. i've been to a few different restraunts, plastered my resume on the internet, and whored myself to corporate america, but once again, to no avail. sitting in my back seat is my record player; i need to take it into radioshack to see if they can fix it for me because i'm dying to listen to longwave and the reindeer section and my bloody valentine and the beatles. i finally have a computer, i even have dsl, but since i'm without a desk to put it on, it's currently collecting dust on my floor. so that's another thing i need to do: buy a desk and dust, return mrs. eggert her bike, buy febreeze and two curtain rods, do laundry,  scrub the bathtub, pull weeds in the garden, clean out car, make lots of money, be perfect, be lovely, put others before myself, work-out, eat only organic foods, shave legs twice a day, read the bible and all the great thinkers, email everyone back(ecspecially christina in romania), call my old friends and set up lunch dates, make copy of lease aggrement, mail michelle her package, send erik a "hello/i miss you" card, and if i time, finish the new york times crossword.

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