Monday, July 12, 2004

licking my thumb and sticking it into the wind:

the intimidation invloved from too much time slipping by; it's substance, without an outlet, now lost in my memory proves to be an additional resistance in this attempt to recap/to catch up/to get my fingers a'moving, therefore due to this developmental arrest i'm oh-so annoyed because i'd really like to spill it all, fill you in, sort and scatter; classify and document each and everyday in each and everyway: what i'm reading, what i'm listening to, how i feel about this and about that, and those suprises that whip my head around before i have a chance to catch my breath; that which abdons me clueless with streak after streak of it's peculiar composition.

i love toffee nut lattes. i love waking up without an alarm clock buzzing in my ear and checking my email with said latte in hand. it makes me grin from ear to ear. i love spending time with my parents: the three of us with our toes catching worn out waves as we dose off under the corpus sun, playing scrabble at the local coffee house, or just that other stuff that goes unnoticed all too often, like helping my mother clear the kitchen table or my father reading me aloud some article in the paper he finds to be blashemous concerning the republican party. i love jeff buckley. i love hello(and goodbye) kisses. i love working out so hard, sweat drips from off my nose. i love blue jean jackets that fit like a glove. i love my new thirft store skirt that has tea pots and something, in french, about vegetables and soup printed on it. i love it when i've spent a long day at the beach and have sun kissed cheeks to show for it. i love my orange kitty, Clover and making mixed cds for my
friends. i love it all in way that abuses the word itself but neverless- does justice to my adoration and enthusiasm.

i have a dozen incomplete posts in my draft file that, later tonight, after i get back from seeing spiderman 2, i hope to finish; and then, to write something new-something interesting.

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