Thursday, July 29, 2004

old friend: you know missie sometimes you just have to trust in god to provide.

me: sure, but don't forget: 'it's a fine line between faith and stupidity'.

old friend: haha, true.

as a card holding member of the christian community, i typically don't ask for much; hell, i don't even take up space at church (most) sunday mornings. but my tolerance is fading for this ever growing epidemic of over-spirituality: of believing you don't have to worry about finicial security because your going into the ministry; of young christians getting married to someone after half a year of dating because they've fabricated the voice of god telling them that he/she's "the one" when really they just want to get laid. or i've even heard stories about someone selling their house to help mortage the new church building because they believe it's the will of god. it's bullshit people. 'believers' need to start using their nogen- their god given logic and common sense. or could it be that i'm wrong and my worst fear is true, that what is logical is not spiritual?  

heaven help us all.


Ivan Lenin said...

wow, nice home improvements, missie!

young christians getting married to someone after half a year of dating because they've fabricated the voice of god telling them that he/she's "the one" when really they just want to get you really know such people?

what is logical is not spiritual?i really don't think there's anything unspiritual about logic, which is not to say that spirit doesn't transcend logic. in fact, the very sentense "IF something is logical, THEN it is not blablabla" is a logical proposition, so we can't consider it's validity outside the context of logic, right? hehehe.
in america, many people speak about their faith in very rational, clear terms. I hear people talk about sin and salvation as if they were describing some human resources procedures: if you do this, this will happen; everything has a textbook-like definition.
So, what we have is a set of rules that are clear and more or less easy to follow. There are definitely good sides to that, because it makes practicing your religion doable. What you describe sounds like a negative side of bringing your religion down to the level of do's and dont's.

Missie Rose said...

oh no, that wasn't my intention at all. definately, most definately, religion is not a set of do's and do nots; and it has always been my hope that spirituality transends logic. but sometimes i wonder are those people who go off the deep end of common sense more spiritual than i or are they less logical than i?!? faith is amazing to me and i understand what makes faith so amazing is that you can't understand it; that you want to trust in this thing you can neither physically touch or see because something in you tells you it's trustworthy; that it's TRUTH; that's it's LOVE, and you are it's recipent, the object of it's affection and application if only you'll put skeptism aside and listen to the applause of your soul. shite, i'm going to be late for work. :)

EC said...

faith and logic do not go hand in hand. faith is not at all logical.