Monday, June 14, 2004


saturday wasn't my birthday, it was just another summer day; a day i had off from work with extra funds wadded up in my beaded coin purse with little to do until jon's bon voyage party that evening. however, the universe at large didn't know better. it could smell something special- it could see my determination in making the day as beautiful as i was hoping it indeed would be.

by 9:30 that morning, after a night in which not much sleep was attained, my a.d.d was splitting my head in two. i had already watched as much real world as one is allowed to on any given day. i had showered; i had cleaned the living room and the kitchen and the bathroom, and so, there was only one more thing that i could think of doing to quench the time until, and that was shopping.

for the past year i have had to be as frugile as possible and that meant: no aveda hair products, having to scrap the bottom of my lip stick tub with the sharp part of the top of a ball point pen, selling my old clothes for used clothes at buffalo exchange, consuming more fast food in one year than in all my 24 years combined, relaying on the music section of the dallas observer for the inside scoop, and begging friends to burn me their newest purchases from good records.

i didn't want to over-compensate neccesarily, but i did feel some sort of compensation wasn't neccesarily over-indulgent either. i honestly needed new make-up, although having no choice but to be a'natural was nice; i needed shampoo and conditioner, although after a six months of using just whatever- i was beginning to second guess my attachment to aveda; and though i didn't really need any new clothes, i sure as hell wanted to get something cute to wear to the party that night. i set a budget making sure i would have enough for the keg and for buns and for the remainder of time until i would be recieving my next paycheck. and so off i went to the mecca of materialism, the northpark mall.

and here is why i believe the universe believed it was birthday:

my first stop was at the lancome counter in foleys. with assistance from the wrinkled sun bleached sales lady, i decided on a nice rosy mauve shade of lip stick and an under eye conclear for mornings where you wake up and need a little help on disguising the lack of sleep from the night before. as we approached the register she inquired about my shoe size, which being a girl i knew this could mean only one thing-gift time!!! and sure enough that's exactly what it was.

walking out of foleys, not even 11am and, i already had a sense that it was going to be a great day. before i had a chance to blow a kiss to the stars above i stumbled right upon an aveda promotional sting. realizing life was trying to lay a wet one on me i confidently approached the pack of blonde bombshells in their hip black attire and inquired the purpose of this sight, in which, they whipped me away for a complimentary massage, blow out, make-over, and a bottle of personalized perfume. i thanked them with a few purchases and a beaming smile of gratitude.

i hoped right onto clouds and skipped my way over to club monoco. by this point i was in love with the world; every baby, every old man, every dirty mexican glazing me with his lusty eyes, every smu princess totting her newly purchased goods from lacoste and burberry and neimans. in such moods i can't help but to make friends at every place i enter and so i spent and twenty dollars on a tank top and a hour chatting with the sex in the city-esque sales ladies.

then over to anthropologie where i found the cutest stripped capris on sale.

and alas to nine west where i bought the hippest yellow mary janes that, unfortunately hurt like hell so i doubt if i'll ever wear them again. regardless, they are super cute despite of the icky and painful blisters they gave me.

after a few hours of the best shopping ever i knew it was time to get on with the rest of my day but as i'm walking out to my car with all my new goodies dangling from my arms, a smile stretched from ear to ear, i ran into a guy friend who, before i could even open my mouth for a "heeeellllllooooo lovely", bursts out laughing at what i imgaine must have been quite a sight, then chuckles, "girls".

damn straight pirro.

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