Thursday, June 17, 2004

here and there

ivan lenin has a link to a great article about when the "Evil Empire" speech reached a man by the name of natan sharansky in his siberian prison camp; bella tells a heart warming tale about a little girl named abi; tony pierce gives his three cents on how you should blog; scientists in austria are proving to the world i'm not crazy for believing that teleportation is possible; madpony is calling quits because one of them, supposedly, is beating up a dead horse; while gordon lightfoot is making a come back; lorie bug accidentally wore her 300lb grandmothers lingere as a ghost costume; and candied ginger is having technical difficulties, again.

as for me, yesterday i was nearly attacked by a million spiders hiding in a book shelf my new room mate was wanting to sell at our next garage sale as i tried to move it inside to be my new bookshelf. fortunately, i have a very keen sense of danger and was able to drop the book shelf before the spiders could make me lunch. and now i'm off to eat my breakfast, sign up for some tai-chi classes, drop some things off at the dry cleaners, mail my dad his fathers day present and michelle a little something-something, vaccum out my car, and then to work.

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