Friday, June 04, 2004


i'm stopping to catch my breathe but passing out sounds more inticing; more needed, just a little bit more sleep, a little bit more time in the morning before i rush off to work, a little bit more time to sit here and write in my blog-to write over due emails, more time to gather smiles-new friends, more time to think about the fall-to think about the pixies and belle coming to town. more time: a life-long ambition, carried out from generation to generation, a wish that is only made when in it's lacking never in it's excess. on the drive home tonight i almost fell asleep. i was on the highway. driving. dizzy with seductive slumber, exhausted with heavy eyes, nervous as shit because i couldn't help it. but it was nice to be able to spend time with my mother after work, even though that time was limited and consisted of waffle house and me too droggy to be my happy little attentive self, still it was really nice. tomorrow i have another wedding to attend, a dress to borrow for it, a gift to wrap, boxes to be dropped off at my new place, more to be picked up from the other side of the metroplex, and ohh yes the brides wedding brunch in which i will be given a list of things to do for her. i perfer this rush. i like it. it feels productive. or i feel productive. moving: my damn infatution with motion, and rhythm...and pretty skirts that dance when you walk. but right now i'm soo tired and thristy. in addition to my regular shift i taught 14 swim lessons today. that's 14 kids clinging to me, me holding as i wade water, me encouraging, me sooo very poooped out from.

goodnight lovelies.

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