Saturday, June 19, 2004

the worst day of my life

in the distance i can hear the sounds of handcuffs clicking, of a police officer interogating, what i presume to be, a drunken hobo, of metal doors sliding open and then hastily closing, and of a girl quietly sobbing in her hands. i try to close my eyes tighter; wishing i could fall asleep and wake up somewhere else but the collection of sounds is too sureal and the mat on which i lay upon is cold and dirty. reality is, i'm in jail and there's no escaping it's presence. ten hours ago i was on my way to the bank, damien rice was bleeding himself through the speakers, and the day ahead seemed bright and productive. it was 9:30am and i was already off to a good start. that is until behind me pulled up a police car, whom then, followed me into the parking lot of the bank with his lights flashing those terrifying blue, red, and white streaks of noise. but that's not why i'm sitting here in this jail cell praying for my life to be over, and over now. no see, four years ago on my way back from a splendid day at the modern my foot became a little heavy and before i knew it i was waved to pull over so i could sign my autograph for a man in uniform. soon i realized he wasn't an admirer of my ability to go really fast in such a little suv nor did he have a thing for a pixie with big green eyes and blonde hair-nope, he was the law and i was caught breaking it by 15mph. this, in addition to a few other unpaid traffic violations, i had totally forgotten about till another man in uniform reminded me.


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