Monday, November 29, 2004

i swear i just heard gun shots- and now i'm aware of all the different sorts of noises right outside my window, like june bugs hitting against the glass and rain drops falling through the chilly winter air tap dancing on the autumn leaves below; everything, collectively, faint and eerie. i'm reaching for yo la tengo. something familiar, for warmth and melancholy. a cup of hot cocoa sounds nice, too.


Anonymous said...

last night, at a starbucks thing, i had peppermint hot chocolate and it made my LIFE complete. theirs is amazing. you should give it a shot next time you're feeling down, and i'll save my gunshots for the step aerobics class going on above my head. the evil neighbor just won't stop.

Missie Rose said...

i don't know whether to thank-you or to thank-you, i hadn't even thought about the fact that starbucks does their seasonal peppermint latte right about this time. mmmmm. that could, and will, make my life complete. if only, there was something to do about your aerobics neighbor...another 2 by 4, perhaps?!? ;)