Saturday, November 27, 2004

first time for, almost, everything

traveling abroad does more than broaden your world view and outlook on life: it forces you to eat things that, typically, you would never fathom as enjoyable let alone edible. or at least, for me. since my adventures across the big blue sea and border patrol, i've cultivated the "don't knock it till you try it" mentality when it comes to not only food but also to music and film and art and hypothetical musings. so many likes and interests have come from this cliche that when something new blows my way, unless it's hard core narcotics, sexual perversion, or just plain ol' absurdity, i'm typically the first one eager and willing to sink my teeth into it. but tonight at work as the hot asian chic gravitated towards me with her lips nearly brushing mine, i had no desire to taste and see what kissing another girl might be like. and it was the perfect scenario too...of course, had i decided to try it before i knocked it. she was indeed very beautiful, a complete stranger who had given me a drag of her clove cigarette back at the table; but now we were in the bathroom, alone. i was pulling my curls back into a pin. she, i assumed, was waiting to wash her hands but after she pulled in the first time, i then re-assumed, she was wanting to smell my aveda scented hair. the second time however she asked. and after the third time she finally gave up. it was the kind of moment that secrets are suppose to be made of, if only you have the desire to make such a secret. i, on the other hand, did not. as she turned to walk away, she told me "too bad". i hate to admit it but, i don't agree.


SJ said...

Ha! sooner or later...
Thats so funny, the most action I have gotten lately is the obligatory pcks from my gay boyfriends. The past week has been, I believe, the only time I have ever wanted to be in Oklahoma.
hmm...I got nothing. No girl-on-girl action happening up here in Detroit.

Missie Rose said...

lonliness in conglomeration with horniness, is not, despite their validity and severity, cause to ever admit wanting to be in oklahoma.


Stacy V.V said...

Damn girl that's pretty hot.
I dare say it is too bad, the blog would've been much juicier. Rawr