Friday, December 19, 2003


It seems to appear last night Belle Ella and I both experienced the woes accompanied by being "light weights"; the dangers that linger in loosing count of just how many glasses of red wine have been consumed; the ability to stick your foot in your mouth regardless of how high the heels are or how chunky the boots or whom might be in hearing distance though in contrast to a few years back i'm much better at controlling and filtering my opinion and eagerness for blunt honesty, to be as amiable as possible, considerate, and sensitive to the fact that my intentions, and, that which is communicated are not always conveyed likeso, as so. Alcohol hath no reproach, it never ceases to miss a chance to display my inner-sass and while Belle Ella might have made a lewd comment that her boss over-heard, I have this embarassing inclination sifting in last night's foggy memory that I crossed the gender appropiate line in conversation, big time. And even here, now, no one really reading, I can't repeat it's context but now I am able to see how my audicous disregard for innocence was percieved by him to assume he could get a little lip action from me but it was to his suprise this sassy girl is really deep down inside prudish at heart. But even more disturbing than allowing poor L. to buy me glass of merlot after merlot after merlot while having no intention to be the temptress I was playing to be, I let myself drive a good twenty minuets in such a state, one should not drive in: "Runk as a skunk".

Dear Mothers Against Drunk Driving,
My deepest apologies, your propagando has not failed, just my sense of common sense but I will not let it happen again.

Apart from my lapse in good judgement and vocariuosly bad behavior; being there, keeping true to the tradition of making Evan's present and wrapping, then, singing Happy Birthday to this man who did 'the sprinkler' during "Soldier Girl" for my special day, just filled the night with a sense of love and warm fuzzies of just how blessed I am that I have been given this oppurtunity to be a part in his life and watch the progress; watch his hair styles change, his potential utilized, the girlfriends he makes, the hearts he breaks, the things he'll find and then the things he'll choose to loose. It's priceless and i'm so flippin glad it is.

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