Sunday, December 21, 2003

I am One very Happy Cookie, because....

-BELLE ELLA is HERE (even though she is too jet lagged and therefore
sleeping right now).
-I am wearing a very cute Thrills tee.
-Tomorrow is Belle Ella and mine's 3rd Annual Xmas in the Burbs Party.
-Both Friday and Saturday night I got to dance and sing on stage with the SPREE and boy did I do a
hellalotof both.
-My Elf costume earned me the nick name: Hot Elf. And a few ticket stubs with digits, which is, if nothing else, amusing.
-Hot Mike spilled the beans that he summer crushed me.
-Life is a beautiful and wonderful thing, and I refuse to let circumstances disagree.
-All the streets are light up in white lights, douglas firs decked in tinsel, and Christmas carols playing on every radio
-I truely have some of the most remarkable, warm hearted, and intelligent friends imaginable.

Really what more could one cookie/Hot Elf ask for?!?

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