Thursday, December 18, 2003

Is it Evolution or Metamorphis

That through the various stages of my life in some way, in some shape or form, a portion of me is different than it was before. Each and every day day brings change, a chance to take a hardship and turn it into a lesson learned; or a random smile, or a piece of information and apply it to to the mix. In this most recent lesson I failed but in failing, well....true I might still have bruises in places I didn't know you could bruise and my confidence in reparation from the remorse in knowing I compromised logic and my worth but because of this failure, unnecessary as it has seemed, i've been able to Grow. For too long i've hung my head in shame and allowed self-defeat to cripple my progress, sure i'm not the girl I use to be...but a Starbucks barista with shaggy hair unaware of his intentions, made me realize, i'm better.