Monday, December 22, 2008

Picking My Nose and Chewing It

i know this is something every mother in the world struggles with, but for me, two and a half years into it, i'm just now beginning to truly grapple with, and that is how to Do It All.

my list( i'm sure it looks a lot like yours):

clean, clean up after everyone
do laundry
fix dinner
buy groceries
return movies to blockbuster
return bowl and platter to friend
make gingerbread cookie dough for tomorrows play date
stop by Micheal's for craft items for tomorrows play date
make dessert for christmas party pot luck
buy jon's dad christmas present
finish hanging christmas lights
balance checkbook
pay bills
wash conrad's bedding
buy holiday stamps
forget getting christmas cards out this year
and Take Care of Children while doing it all.

anyone who knows me knows i'm not the most organized person, and no matter how hard i try i seem to go in circles. just over the course of the the past two days i've been to the grocery store 1,2,3,4,5 times. which is ridiculous, i know. but even with a list in hand i always seem to overlook something, or the grocery store i'm is out of, say, family pack size of chicken breasts. or, i get home to find out jon just used the last of the flour, or i'm in the middle of making a dinner entree when lo and behold i only have one tablespoon of cumin and naturally i need two. a few months back i went through all the cupboards and made an inventory then posted them on the inside. and while that was great for like a week, it's functionality as past expired and there is no way i'm going through all that trouble again. of course i realize there is some painfully obvious solution to my problem but if i'm not smart enough to figure it out on my own i probably don't deserve to know. and all that to convey much of the exhaustion in trying to Do It All is most likely self-inflicted. i know there are moms out there with double the kids and double the chores who do it without breaking a sweat or needing a drink at the end of the day, i just seem to be a tad efficiency challenged.


Courtney said...

I think any mom who would say that having kids is a piece of cake, is lying! It's so challenging but so rewarding! I know you think you might be disorganized and scattered but you actually sounded kind of put together to me. What does that say about my life?? LOL...Merry Christmas!

Des said...

ummm... I don't know any mom like that. The closest I know is Kristina Hippman, but she still gets stressed. So kiss true, unstressed organization goodbye and embrace the chaos! If I've learned anything the last few months of being on bed rest it's that everything doesn't HAVE to get done and prioritizing things are a must.
Love you my dear and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

KimDoll said...

i can sooo sympathize!!! sometimes i feel like i'm insane for being so tired by 4:00 (and i only have 1 child for the next few months), but i feel better when i witness kevin trying to make even one small meal with charlotte at his side. and he doesn't even have to clean it up afterwards!!! i think Doing It All is the reason mothers start to act like "mothers". at least we can hope that with christmas (almost) officially over, it'll start to slow down a little.